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Craft Storage Container Ideas That Don't Cost A Bundle

You'll be amazed at the number of cool craft storage container ideas you can find lying around the house and in the trash.  Believe it or not, we throw away so many items that have an after use purpose.  Your friends may think you're a little crazy but ask them for household items they normally discard.

Many people don't realize that when you reuse household goods and product containers rather than throwing them away, you’re actually saving the environment one craft storage idea at a time.   Check out some of these really cool ideas to transform useless containers into the perfect craft storage containers that will save money, time, space and the environment.  What more could you ask for?

Shoe and Gift Boxes

How many shoe and gift boxes have you tossed in the trash? Did you know that those old shoe boxes and cute gift boxes had a better purpose than piling up in the trash?  They work great for craft supplies that are too large for a regular storage container.   And they are also useful for odds and ends and trinkets.  Shoe or gift boxes can be decorated, labeled, and stacked neatly on closet shelves; the ideal storage containers.

Jars and Other Glass Containers

Jelly, mayonnaise, salad dressing,  or just about any jar that has a screw top is a cool item to use as a craft storage container.  They’re especially great for those small craft trinkets, such as buttons, pins, thread bobs and other tiny items that could easily get lost.  Such jars and glass containers are also easy to decorate and label.  If you want to be really creative you can even use that old spice and herb rack with the tiny bottles as a great craft storage container.

Plastic Disposable Bowls

Have you ever saved that old butter container after the butter is gone as a food storage bin? Well you can also use that very same butter container as a craft storage bin. Why not? It is one of the most economical resources available with multiple reusable purposes.   What about those disposable freezer bags with the zip lock seal?  Once they no longer offer the safe seal for your foods instead of throwing them away use these plastic bags to store craft supplies.  The best part is they come in an assortment of sizes and you can get creative with labeling but decorating them is very difficult .

Make-up and Tackle Boxes

One of the ideal craft storage bins to use is your old make up bags and boxes.  If you never thought you'd have a use for that cute little make-up bag that doesn't accessorize with any of your purses, well now you do!  The fun part is that you don’t have to decorate your make-up bag and they’re typcially easy to label.   Another one of the most innovative and effective craft storage container is that old tackle box. Just think about all the little removable compartments that lift up and the little sections that were once used for fishing hooks, bobbers, and other small fishing supplies, and can now be used to house all those odds and ends from your craft supplies.

Just imagine the fun you are going to have making your own craft supply storage containers out of the many reusable items around the house.  Also think about the money you are going to save with a little creativity and imagination. Plus you can help the environment, since we know those purchased petrol product storage containers are not biodegradable, not recyclable, and harmful to the environment.  They won’t sit around in landfills beyond your lifetime. So try these simple homemade craft storage container ideas!   For more exciting fun-filled craft storage ideas go online and check out what other people are using to save space, money and the environment.

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