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10-ways-to-eat-betterShed those unwanted pounds easily by eating healthier using these tips!

Have you ever wondered how some people stay so slim and healthy? It’s no secret. There are several tricks of the trade that help people maintain body weight and live healthier and happier. 

If you’re looking to make some diet changes for a healthier lifestyle, try these simple ways to eat better.

10 Ways to Eat Better and Live Healthier

  1. Variety counts. Try to eat a variety of nutritious foods. Each fruit or vegetable has different nutrients. Oranges and kiwis are high in Vitamin-C and potatoes and bananas are high in potassium. By eating lots of different fruits and vegetables, you’re more likely to get the correct nutrients your body needs. 
  2. Go Fish!  It’s not the card game, but a deck-sized portion of fish should be part of your weekly diet at least twice a week. Fish is low in calories and high in protein. Many fast swimming fish like salmon and tuna are even better because of the Omega fatty acids they contain.
  3. Fiber filler.  Everyone needs fiber in their diet but you probably aren’t getting enough of it. Most people consume less than the recommended 25-30 grams of fiber daily. If you must have breads or other grains, check the labels that they are giving you what you need. Opt for breads with a minimum of 4-grams of fiber per serving or skip that loaf completely.
  4. Skip rice, go for veggies. Instead of serving chicken over rice, try shredding vegetables instead. Zuchinni, carrots, and even potatoes can be lower in calories and higher in nutrient values than what rice can do for your belly.  
  5. Morning flush. Each morning, try adding 1/2 the juice from a lemon or lime and some fresh mint to an 8-ounce glass of water. This will help hydrate the body and reduce toxins from the juices. If you need to add some sweetness, try a zero-to-low calorie option.avocado-benefits-for-women
  6. Fatten up.  It's not fat that makes you fat, but more about your calorie count! Work on eating good fats instead of saturated fats. That means fats that come from natural food sources like olive oil, nuts, and avocados.
  7. Cream with Beans. Try creamy soups that are made from lentils. We know noodle soups are tempting with big bites, but opting for lentil-based still offer the cream flavor you crave from higher calorie soups.
  8. Steam or Roast. Just about every food can be steamed or roasted. Plus, they are the lower calorie options versus frying or sautéing. 
  9. Half the Pasta. One way to still fill your plate, but not overload on carbs is to substitute half your pasta for vegetables. Zucchini, squash, carrots, sprouts, and beans can still fill you up with lower calories.
  10. Slow down, show down. It’s important to actually taste your food and even savor the moment of eating. So, slow down on eating and even take a picture. By sharing a picture on social media, you can help track your intake and maybe encourage someone else to eat healthier. It's easier than a food journal and very effective in helping understanding conscious eating.

You don't have to turn to supplements or crazy diet fads to lose weight. Simple lifestyle changes will help you lose weight and feel more awake!

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