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100-Years-in-Beauty-Summed-Up-in-1-Minute-headerCut Video made 100 years look... well... very stylish!

A recently produced time lapse video by Cut showed what 100 years of beauty looks like. One model was styled for each decade between 1910 to 2010, and after watching this a few times... we're getting some major retro style inspiration! 

Personally, I love the chic 1950's look the best, but it is incredible seeing some decade's top trends and how they've influenced hair and makeup today ('60s styles have definitely made a comeback on recent runways). 


Do you recognize any of your own beauty looks in here, or some that may make you cringe? I definitely remember rocking the 2000's decade look with the eyeliner and pin-straight hair!

Wonder what the look for 2020 will be? Any guesses?


 Photo Credit: Cut Video/Youtube

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