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У нашей компании полезный web-сайт на тематику декор стен штукатурка цена

100-years-of-beautyPhoto Credit: YouTube

The Cut released the latest video in its “100 Years of Beauty” series, focusing on the beauty and hair styles of Korea. The one-minute video is a beautifully shot sequence of looks from the country, spanning from 1910 to our current decade.

The model Tiffany is shown wearing one style until the 1950s, then the screen splits in two and shows North Korean styles on one side and South Korean on the other. This reflects the outcome of the Korean War, when the country was officially divided.

Starting in 1910, the style was imperial-chic, with classic makeup reflective of western beauty standards at the time. The westernized feel continues into the next decades, with flapperesque waves and silent-movie star makeup.

In the 1950s, the North Korean look is much more plain than its southern counterpart. Tiffany wears her hair pulled back under a utilitarian cap in the North, while in the South her hair is stylishly pulled back with dark red lipstick.

The video addresses the political tensions going on in the country throughout these decades. At this point, North Korea was heavily influenced by the Soviet Union and the standard of beauty definitely reflect that.

North Korea feminizes a little in the 1960s, allowing Tiffany a red kerchief over her hair in place of the cap. (In the 1970s, she wears a sun hat with a little lip color.) In the meantime, South Korea women were going mod in the 1960s and swinging (albeit with less makeup) in the 1970s. The accessories Tiffany wears in South Korea, from the oversized sunnies to the bright plastic earrings clearly show how westernized these looks were.

In the 1980s and 1990s it appears that North Korea allowed a little more freedom in beauty. Tiffany is shown wearing more makeup, with her hair either down or plainly pulled back.

korean-beauty-2000sPhoto Credit: YouTube

I loved her South Korea look in the 2000s, pure Paris Hilton party-girl aesthetic, with night club makeup and bouncy waves.

For this decade, the look in North Korea is minimal makeup and pink lips, with hair pulled back in a bun adorned with a small headband. In South Korea, Tiffany seems to be shopping at Sephora, with an expertly-done blowout, huge hoop earrings and a no-nonsense runway look.

Previous episodes in the Cut series include beauty styles from Iran and The United States. You can submit ideas for what you want to see next in their YouTube comments.

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