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Spring cleaning is all about going through the old, throwing out the unneeded and making extra space. We could all use a little extra space in our home because, let’s face it, we all have a ton of stuff! 

This year, make it your most successful cleaning and organizing project yet. Here are 15 easy and quick tips and hacks to get more storage in your home...

Slide out storage: Install slide out units under your kitchen and bathroom sinks for easy storage. 

Simple trays: Lay down drinking glasses and on top, add a tray, which will act like another shelf so you can add a second layer of glasses in your cabinets. 

pegboardAdd a pegboard: Pegboards aren’t just ideal for your tools in your shed, they also add extra space in your closet for purses and belts. 

Storage seats: You can find storage seats in fun patterns and colors, which are perfect to use in a child’s room or playroom. They serve as seats for kids but also storage units for toys. 

Under the bed: Utilize the space under your bed. Fill suitcases with blankets and other items and slide under your bed. 

Storage ottoman: Ottomans are great for using as a coffee table or kicking up your feet after a long day but they also make for great storage units. 

Outdoor garden bench: For all your gardening supplies, instead of taking up space in your garage, a bench with hidden storage is a must! gardenbench

Wall coat rack: Hang a coat rack on your wall and instead of taking up closet space, hang your coats and purses on the wall in the mudroom. 

Medicine cabinet: If you don’t have a medicine cabinet, install one on your wall. You won’t believe how much extra space you’ll get! 

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