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25-things-to-do-without-your-phone-headerHave fun without checking in or updating your status!

We simply live in a tech-obsessed culture where instant communication is a must. There was once a time when technology, social media, and our phones wasn’t the center of our universe. Today, your day is awry if you leave out of your door without your cellular device. 

It's hard to imagine kids completing homework without a computer, friends talking to each other instead of staring at texts or having your significant other call you or even meet you in person instead of sending love through a tweet.

Well to sort of get back to that, here are...

25 Things to Do Without Your Smartphone

  1. Go out to dinner. Besides calling or texting a few of your friends to meet you for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, leave technology out of it. Too many times do we end up on our phones while we’re out spending time with our loved ones.
  2. Play a board game. Social media and mobile devices have pushed us away from classic puzzles, trivia and tossing the dice. Instead of showing off a #ThrowbackThursday pic, why not actually play a throwback game? 
  3. Learn to play an instrument. It may take some time but the excitement of finishing your first riff or hitting the last chord of an epic guitar ballad is worth it. 
  4. Start a scrapbook. You can use Pinterest a bit to get an idea then get away from technology to cut, paste and create memories from old ones. 
  5. Go to a matinee or play. Forget online shows! There is something about sitting in a cinema with others, chomping away on popcorn, laughing at good lines or crying through romantic scenes. Can't replace it. 
  6. Spend time with your pet. For all of you YouTube cat video lovers, spend times cuddling up with your actual pets. They probably miss you.
  7. Meet up with an old friend. Yes, our lives are busy and it’s easy to FaceTime and Skype but good ole face to face conversations are always worthwhile.
  8. Paint and color. Break out a coloring book or canvas and get to creating true art.
  9. Write. Not saying you have to start a journal but back away from your notes app and write down your thoughts with old fashioned pen and paper.
  10. Read the newspaper. People love searching Google to find out what’s happening in the world and trending. When you go out in the morning, get a newspaper instead of relying the internet to inform you of the news. It may be old-fashioned but the feel of newspaper or flipping through a cheesy tabloid can get addictive quick. 
  11. Go for a run. A prerequisite to running seems to be having your headphones and a jamming playlist. Take a run with nature as your soundtrack for once.
  12. Cook with a cookbook. Dust off the books or family recipe cards and create something delicious.
  13. Take a nap. Take a nap without setting your phone’s alarm. Don’t put any restriction on how long you nap. You'll be amazed how much of a better sleep you have when you're not concerned of when the buzzer will go off. 
  14. Read a book. You don't even have to buy the book. Chill out at your local bookstore with a fresh cup of coffee or - shocker - go to the library! 
  15. Meditate. Simple enough?
  16. Be a tourist. Not that we want you to go to an unfamiliar place and explore but we want you to explore your city using a guidebook and explore. You may find some hidden treasures you never knew you’d appreciate.
  17. Go for a ride. When was the last time you went for a drive without a car in the world. We rely so much on GPS that we care not to take the scenic route. Go somewhere, anywhere today and try to GPS your way there.
  18. Organize your office space, desk, or area in your home. Whether it is time for spring cleaning or you've just realized how much of a hoarder you've become, getting organized can do your work space and your mind some good. 
  19. Go through photo albums. No, not your phone’s photo album library. We mean that photo album with the cover partially detached and the pictures are stuck to the pages.
  20. Watch the sunrise and sunset. You may ask what’s this got to do with my phone but how many times have you seen something awesome and have pulled out your phone to capture it? Let it be and enjoy the experience through and through.
  21. Take photos and videos with a camera. Snap pics of you and your friends using a cam that actually makes a shutter sound when you click. Go retro with a Polaroid and save the pics to make a fun collage in a book or on a wall in your home. 
  22. Stare at the stars. The universe can be quite entertaining. 
  23. Take a day trip. Think of somewhere you've wanted to go for awhile but never made it past your laptop to check out. Today is the day!
  24. Go to a concert or music festival. Choose live performances over mobile music sources.
  25. Brush up on your math skills. If you can’t remember what 9x9 is without your calculator, maybe now is a good time to brush up on your math skills.


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