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iStock 641681406 CroppedWhile we're all happy about the glorious summer weather, sometimes our dogs are even happier. There's so much activity going on with humans and animals all enjoying the season! 

But that excitement might also be problematic when your dog is too energetic to be cooped up in the house! We can always take our puppies out on a walk, but it's great for humans and canines alike if we can mix it up a bit. Here are a few fun outdoor things to do with the your dogs as well as ways to keep them safe and healthy!

Five Great Outdoor Dog Activities

1. Take them swimming: Running is always a great workout, but how often do your dogs get to go for a swim? Many dogs love jumping in the pool, so give them some time to cool off in the water. You could even make a day of it by taking a trip to the lake with the family.

2. Play in the park: Kids love the park, and so do your dogs! Take them with you during your next trip to the park and give them freedom to run around with the kids.

3. Trip to the beach: Making sand castles, swimming in the ocean, enjoying yummy food, what better way would your furry friend like to spend their day? Take a trip to the beach with your family this summer and bring your dogs along to share in the memories.

4. Explore new places: Ever wanted to take the time to explore new places around you? Now is your chance! Instead of walking the dog in your own hometown, take them somewhere else for the two of you to go exploring. Find your new favorite coffee shop, bookstore, or even a boutique.

5. Go for a hike: Dogs are all about adventures, so give them the adventure of a lifetime this summer by planning a hiking trip. 

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