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Cats might seem lazy and disinterested in humans, but in the pet community, their wisdom is unmatched. There's never been a cat that didn't have their life completely figured out. We definitely have something be learn from these noble, couch-dwelling creatures. Here are some of the most important lessons we've learned from our cats.

1. Relaxation time is mandatory.


Every cat knows the importance of leisure time. Taking personal time to kick back is part of what makes cats so apt to take on whatever challenges come their way. 

2. Keep yourself well groomed.


All that rest and relaxation can give cats some serious bedhead. Never underestimate the power of a good grooming. We're not suggesting you groom yourself like a cat does, that would be gross, but always try to look your best!

3. Don't be afraid to have some attitude...


It's good to show a little sass from time to time. Cats aren't afraid to get a feisty if it means getting what they want. While their attitude can feel a little cold sometimes, it is this quality that makes them so lovable. 

4. ...but show affection when it counts.


You're bound to get the cold shoulder from your cat every once in a while, but they'll eventually come around and show a little love. They know how far a good snuggle can go and your cat will always be there when things get bleak. 

5. Appreciate the little things.


While we humans scramble for the latest smartphone or get envious of someone's souped up sports car, cats can be completely entertained by a lone piece of string. Kitties are always there to remind us that a comfy couch and a toy or two are all anyone really needs to be happy.

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