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  • The Grey Hair Trend

    The Grey Hair Trend

    Move over George Clooney, we got some silver foxy ladies ready to take over your look. The grey hair trend has been wildly debated but these 50 shade of grey gals would make anyone want to run to the salon and hop on the grey-haired bandwagon. When pulled off right, silver tresses can easily label you the cool girl.

    Photo Credit: Erika Bowes / weheartit.com / Instagram

  • The Pearl Hair Trend

    The Pearl Hair Trend

    This isn't really a color as much as it is a color effect inspired by the iridescent hues of a mother pearl. To achieve this, a colorist tones the hair to a cool color to achieve the ashy yet pearly tone. From there, the colorist mixes in a bunch of pastels including shades of silver to achieve that subdued illuminant look. This is a great color if you're feeling a little daring this summer and want something completely fun and different.

    Photo Credit: Nylon / prettydesigns.com / Instagram


  • The Candy-Colored Hair Trend

    The Candy-Colored Hair Trend

    It looks so good, we could eat it! Unfortunately it's not cotton candy, it's hair, but they could've fooled us. These pastel colors will make you feel like you're the newest member of the rainbow bright crew or one of Gwen Stefani's Harajuku girls. Either way this candy tint is flirty and soft and can be great as an added pop of color for those who wear all black, black, and more black.

    Photo Credit: Tumblr / Tumblr / dropdeadgorgeousdaily.com


  • The Rose Gold Hair Trend

    The Rose Gold Hair Trend

    Rose gold isn't just for Michael Kors' watches anymore. The rose gold color hair trend is taking over and we're ready to pair up all our jewelry to it! The color incorporates hues of pink, red, and blonde and blends them in a way that looks like a fresh take on the strawberry blonde. 

    Photo Credit: prettydesigns.com / Nylon / thebestfashionblog.com


  • The Fire Hair Trend

    The Fire Hair Trend

    These are some hot colors for summer that take fierce to a whole new level. This is a modern spin on the ombré hair trend, (that, at this point, will never die) and is a color gingers will be fired up to add on to their locks.

    Photo Credit: loveitsomuch.com / [email protected] / [email protected]


  • The Asymmetrical Lob Hair Trend

    The Asymmetrical Lob Hair Trend

    This edgy cut sounds a little off-kilter at first but when you see it in action you're bound to be pleasantly surprised. The cut can really accentuate facial features and flatters heart and oval shaped faces. The edges of the bob can be cut hard or soft, framing around the face, but whichever you choose the cut makes for a cool yet subtle look.

    Photo Credit: Emily Mott / feralcreature.com / Tumblr


  • The Dreadlock Hair Trend

    The Dreadlock Hair Trend

    Not only does this hair style bring us back it also has an amazing trace of history within ancient cultures that would be worth a follow. Whether you decide to rock the 'do because of its impressive cultural background or because you just want to embrace it as a personal style choice, you will sure be making a statement worthy of some head turns and some "allllrights."

    Photo Credit: Tumblr

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