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Some wine tastes so bad that it’s unbearable! Try these tricks to make it go down easier! 

We’ve all had those moments where the only wine available for purchase was some unknown, cheap brand. As you take a sip, you cringe at the bad taste! If only there was a way to make it go down easier! Well, there are some ways, seven  to be exact!

How to Make Wine Taste Better 

Chill it down: Flavors become muted as temperatures drop. Most of us drink our white wine too cold, but just above freezing is the perfect temperature for those not so bearable bottles. 

Drink red wine with mushrooms: Mushrooms will make unworthy reds taste better. 

If it’s sweet, drink it with something spicy: Try eating cuisines like Thai and Indian. The intense spice combination will be less obvious, allowing you to easily down some icky wine!  


Spruce it up: Make your wine a spritzer or sangria. Adding all these flavors and fruits will definitely enhance the taste.

Oaky wines go great with grilling: Smoky foods work well with smoky wines, and a charcoal-grilled burger is just the thing to distract your palate from that wine.

Use a penny: If you just opened a bottle of wine that smells like struck matches or rotten eggs, add a penny to your glass, it might actually help, surprisingly! Certain sulfur-related compounds can cause these horrible smells, and copper makes them disperse. Make sure you clean the penny first though! 

Use it for cooking and baking: When you cook the wine in your dinner or while baking a cake, the intense, not-so-pleasant wine will be lessened by the food. Plus, you’ll get a nice boozy dish to enjoy!  

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