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  • Aerial Yoga

    Aerial Yoga

    It will certainly give you a new look on life! The silk hammocks provide support and resistance while everyone attempts to get into the right yoga position. If you think it looks like fun, it is. This will give you and your friends plenty of fun memories to share.

  • DJ Spin Class

    DJ Spin Class

    You have heard of spin class the indoor bike craze? Well, this is the ultimate in spin class with a DJ's "spinning" and mi tunes while you pedal. This is a great one to bring your more competitive friends to. The live music adds energy to any class to the indoor cycling class while pumping up the motivation to "push it" a little harder..

  • "Group" Personal Training

    This is a great way to make personal training sessions more affordable while giving you an even stronger incentive to "sweat it up!" Check with the trainer before bringing extra people to make sure he or she is comfortable with working out with multiple clients at one time. 

  • Ropes Class

    Ropes Class

    A ropes class really targets those arms but the core too.

  • TRX and body suspension training is fun and challenging.
  • Yoga may feel a little zen unless you try it with a friend. Beginners welcome!
  • BOSU is not only a way to get feedback and challenge your balance but is great to try with a friend.
  • If you have never been to a CrossFit Class, you'll be surprised that you work individually on different skills but all have fun together.
  • The best way to use a treadmill is with a friend nearby. Catch up on gossip or alternate your walking and running with strength moves for a HITT workout.
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