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As a mom, seeing your family around the table can be the highlight of your day. Although it’s a special moment, it takes a lot to get it all together. From cooking the meal, wrangling the family together, setting the table and then the cleanup, achieving a picture perfect moment can be quite stressful.

We have a few ideas for mi up the dinnertime routine to stop the rush and get your loved ones to the table relaxed and ready to enjoy. 

A Non-TV Dinner


Okay, we know having dinner in the living room isn’t that inventive of an idea.

In fact, many discourage it because the focus becomes whatever is on the television and not what’s going on in your child’s life. But there is a way to have dinner in the living room.

Simply turn off the TV, hide the remote if you have to, and use the pillows as chairs.

By sitting in a circle and eating something fun, the family is more likely to have a meaningful conversation. It's a new take on family style!

The New Picnic

When planning a full day out and about, mealtime can inadvertently become ignored.

Instead of grabbing hot dogs from a vendor that won't even fill bellies, plan ahead and make a meal that is great on the go.

Whether it is an after-school visit to the local zoo or going to an evening movie in the park, there’s always public space that you can plop your family down and have an old-fashioned picnic.


This money saving technique is great because it lets any family take a break from their regular dinnertime routine. We suggest packing up delicious  since they are quick to make and easy to pack. Plus, no messy cleanup!


An At-Home Picnic


16784-a-moveable-feast-joe-recipe-fiinal-updatedEven if having a picnic when out and about isn’t in the family schedule, there’s still a way to do it.

Use a porch or enclosed patio room to mix things up for dinner. Just changing locations can make this everyday meal a little more interesting.

When the weather is just right, sit outdoors with your family and have a nice family dinner with Mother Nature.

When it comes to eating outdoors, go back to those  . They are easy to make ahead of time and put together at the table.

What is really great? This is one place where the "sloppy" in the sloppy joes won't bother anyone.

It’s a perfect way to remove everyone from the hustle and bustle of life for just a few minutes to enjoy family time.

Tailgate At Home


While your family is waiting to watch the big game sneak in a fun lunch to pump them up! Throw a fun pre-game lunch right outside of your house, no stadium seating needed. By raising the trunk of your car and putting out a make-your-own spread like some yummy sandwiches and a large blanket on the ground for seating, it will be a fun moment that your kids will remember for years.

It’s always fun to get out there and mix up dinner. Simply pack up some yummy Italian-style sloppy joes and pick your destination. This is a new take on dining out!

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