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am-i-addicted-to-sugarDo You Just Have a Sweet Tooth, Or Are You Actually a Sugar Addict?

Sugar abounds in many foods that we eat, even if we think food doesn't contain it. There are refined sugars, hidden sugars and simple sugars we unknowingly eat that our ancestors did not. And they did not have the health problems that we have today. According to the book, "Potatoes, Not Prozac," Kathleen DesMaisons, PhD, says that indeed people can become addicted to sugar. Having done extensive research, DesMaisons states that there are people she tags as “sugar sensitive.” These people have the biochemistry that makes them more apt to be sugar addicts, just as alcohol-dependent people can make them addicted to the drink.

Why am I Addicted to Sugar?

People addicted to sugar are low in neurochemicals that allow us to feel optimistic, focused, and calm. Ingesting sugar products makes the sugar-addicted person simply feel better. I would venture to say that there aren’t a whole lot of people out there that don’t like sugar products. But unlike the “feel good” emotion that comes from eating that piece of cake, people addicted to sugar have intense highs and crash hard after eating.

Withdrawal symptoms if you are addicted to sugar are headaches, depression, anxiety, mood swings, lack of energy, skin rashes and flu-like symptoms.  Some researchers compare sugar addiction to that of heroin.

Types of Sugar

  • There several different types of sugars but the two main ones are refined and complex sugars. Complex sugars take longer for the body to break down because they have more molecules. These sugars are found in brown rice, whole grain foods, oatmeal and vegetables that have roots. Eating foods with this type of sugar is all right if done in moderation.
  • The big culprit is the refined sugar. During the process of making sugar refined, natural sugar is taken from fruit and honey, chemically altering it and boiling it until there is zero nutritional value. As many as 64 nutrients and vitamins are lost through the process. To further gross a person out, the sugar is evaporated then bleached with beef or pork animal bones.
  • Refined sugars can be found in toothpaste, vitamins, stamps, lip gloss, cough medicines and laxatives. If you are wondering if you are addicted to sugar there are tests on the Internet to take that can give you a good idea.

Breaking Addiction to Sugar

There are simple changes you can make, including using Stevia in place of artificial sweeteners, upping your vegetable intake and drinking lots of water. And experts recommend that you don’t go the “cold turkey” way, rather, taper off over time.

Do you think you have a sugar addiction problem? How do you stop sugar cravings? We'd like to know on Facebook or Twitter!


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