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are-weights-or-cardio-better-videoThe age-old question in fitness: lifting weights or doing cardio. People will argue cardio is best for burning fat and strength training is best for building muscle. Depending on your fitness goal or how long you have to work out, one or the other may be better. Read on to see our fitness experts weigh in on both!

Paul's Advice

"Depends on your goals.  You will not want to expend much of your energy on a treadmill if your goal is add or tone muscle.  If you are looking to lose weight, before or after won’t necessarily matter just more personal preference."

Lisa's Advice

"Both cardio and weight training individually are productive. However, workouts that include short cardio intervals with lifting weights of an appropriate weight and number of repetitions provide maximum benefit."

Stephanie's Advice

"If you only have five minutes, lifting weights is better because your muscles will continue burning fat even after you have left the gym."

Ziba's Advice

"While both are extremely important in changing your fitness and body, I am a big fan of cardio because I love to eat! If you want to see big changes, aim for four to five hours of cardio a week. My fave: Dance cardio!"

About the Experts


Paul Schultz is General Manager of Retro Fitness in Carol Stream. He brings 11 years of business experience as an Accounting Manager from Bank of America and has been involved with competitive sports and physical fitness most of his life. Paul’s business and management background combined with his love of fitness will be key as Retro Fitness looks to expand in the Chicagoland area in 2014.



Lisa-Payne-Photo-FINALLisa Payne is a health and fitness expert in Chicago specializing in personal training. She is a fitness writer for Demand Studios, Today's Chicago Woman magazine, CheekyChicago.com, and on her own blog . Lisa is also an adjunct professor in exercise physiology, a brand ambassador for LARABAR, and works with Kate Hudson's athletic company "Fabletics".



Stephanie-Mansour-Photo-FINALStephanie Mansour (aka Step-It-Up with Steph) is a Body Image & Confidence Coach for women, as well as an in-home personal trainer, yoga, & Pilates instructor. She's been featured on CNN and TV stations across the country for her holistic approach to women's health & fitness. Get her free guide to have more confidence and feel good about your body here.



Ziba-Photo-FINALZiba Sarabia Lennox has over 20 years of dancing, choreographing, and performing experience. She has seven years of teaching dance and setting various productions. After a professional ballet career, Ziba’s passion for dance expanded into teaching ballet form conditioning, dance bo, cardio dance and private lessons.  She is Pilates and NETA certified and her classes are about driving results and maximizing each individual’s potential, while celebrating the gift of movement and music. Ziba is the founder of MaZi Dance Chicago, which is MaZi’s performing group.



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