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If you haven't joined the growing group of fashionistas who go all athleisure, all the time, this is definitely when it is time to jump on the athleisure trend bandwagon. This mix of upscale looking workout gear blended with non-gym apparel and accessories shows no sign of going anywhere anytime soon. Here are some of our favorite trends and ways to rock to it this winter.

After all, if it’s an average day, and you need to go to the office, the gym, run some random errands, or all of the above. So what do you wear that's comfortable but still totally put together? Too casual or sloppy and you won’t toe the line of business and casual, or you’ll definitely run into your ex or in-laws at the grocery store. But you don’t exactly need to be all dressed up either. This is when athleisure ensembles are basically the best thing ever. 

Here are some of our favorite trends and ways to rock to it this winter.

Winter 2016 Athleisure

Track Jackets.

Instead of a leather jacket, a moto style, or boyfriend blazer, try a track jacket or silk bomber style instead. These more relaxed toppers or “third pieces” can be a good way to contrast with more feminine look - use the in the same way that you’d wear a black leather moto jacket to tough up a girly dress.

High Top Sneakers.

The classic 80s and 90s look has returned, but these basketball-inspired sneakers have gone luxe. And if you like the higher profile style, you can try an even bolder look with bo-style shoes. Either way, trading your flip flops for sneakers is the way to go at the moment. Whether you go for classic lace-up styles or flashy, high tech performance sneakers, pair them with everything from casual dresses to leggings and denim all winter and fall.

Graphic T-Shirts.

Move over band tees, athletic and sports tees are here. These don’t have to be the bulky, unflattering “team spirit” kind of tops though - look for a nice drape, a relaxed but not oversize fit, bold graphics that sit in flattering spots, and wider necklines than the typical crewneck. These look great under a blazer as well as on their own with ankle pants or cropped and cuffed denim in early fall.

Baseball Caps.

While these might be the ultimate casual staple, they don’t have to be relegated to weekend and workout looks. The key to making baseball caps, snapbacks, or similar hats work with pieces that are a bit more upscale is making sure they are new, crisp, and not worn or distressed looking in any way, and that the rest of your outfit is a bit more tailored.

How To Get The Look. 

In fact, making sure that the majority of your ensemble is on the tailored side might be the key to pulling off athleisure styling in general, whether you are a busy mom, a student, or work remotely or in a casual office - if you’re wearing casual pieces, they had better be in excellent condition and the rest of your look better be pulled together. Styled hair, immaculate makeup if you wear it, and a few pieces of jewelry or a handbag that pulls everything together.

The current athleisure trend has been attributed to many different things - the increasing popularity of remote working, the fact that athletic wear companies are collaborating with more designers, stylists, and fashion-conscious celebrities than ever before, or simply just because we’re becoming more of a casual culture. Either way, it’s a great trend for everyone from busy moms to young business casual types to take advantage of!


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