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iStock 526828202 CroppedTaking amazing care of your pets is essential every season, but it's also important to understand how each season is unique. And when summer turns to autumn, it's especially key to make sure that you understand how the change affects your pup. 

Keep Them Protected

Being to date on vaccinations is important in any season, so why not update your dog on the same schedule as your kids? Back to school means checkups for human kids, so it should for furbabies too. 

Get Moving

Cooler temperatures shouldn't turn you or your dog into couch potatoes. And it might be more fun to go for a walk or run if it's not insanely hot or humid outside. It'll keep you both in shape and it's a wonderful bonding activity at the same time. 

Give Your Dog Fall Comfort Foods

Do you love hearty stews and roasted veggies in the fall? How about all things pumpkin? Your dog probably loves them too! Lentils, pumpkin, turkey, peas, green beans, and more are all healthy for dogs (consult your vet if your dog requires a special diet, of course), so why not let them enjoy the doggo equivalent of your favorite autumn meals?

Healthy Treats, No Tricks

You might have more guests in your house as fall football season and the holidays start up, and they may want to give your dogs some love! But all those treats might not be the healthiest choice for your dog, so tell your guests to keep the treats to a minimum and consider supplying some extra healthy options like carrots or green beans for guests to give your pup. 

Avoid Acorns

Just cause the summer doesn't mean that your dog isn't getting into anything and everything outside! And if you live anywhere that oak trees and therefore acorns are prevelant, make sure your dog isn't getting into the acorns - they can cause GI issues, so it's best to leave them to the squirrels. 

Happy autumn to you and your doggos! 


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