mascara-mistakes-you-are-makingClumpy mascara could be a woman's worst makeup nightmare.

While the makeup element is essential to nearly anyone's makeup routine, the fate of clumpy lashes is one thing every woman dreads. But there could be some ways to prevent them from happening. Avoid making these mascara mistakes and you could be on your way to eyelash envy. 

Don't use expired mascara.

Mascara has an expiration date and using it beyond that point can lead to unhealthy, clumpy lashes. Be sure to change out your mascara every 4 to 6 months.

Don't leave last night's remnants on your lashes.

Make sure you're taking off your mascara every night. Leaving remnants from previous days can lead to clumping and dried out looking lashes.

Don't overdo it.

There is a such thing as too much mascara. Piling on the plumping liquid doesn't make your lashes look better and will instead cause them to stick together. As a rule, two to three coats is plenty.

Don't just brush it on.

A side-to-side motion works best when applying mascara. Place the brush at the bottom of your lashes and lightly "wiggle" it up to the tips. This will keep clumps from forming and give you that extra 'oomph.'

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