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There are plenty of misconceptions when it comes to makeup - from how exactly to wear it or what length your winged eyeliner should be. I am here to say take that rulebook and throw it out the window!

There are no rules when it comes to makeup - all bets are off! I am going to break it down by debunking a few common makeup myths I hear almost daily

1.You should only wear one layer of foundation or else it will look CAKEY.


Truth: Layering up your foundation is the most natural way to make your skin look flawless.  It not only helps it look seamless, but it helps it stay on longer throughout the day. 

Tip: So before you slap on an entire bottle of foundation thinking it will solve your problems, think again. Start lightly and build up to your desired look and make sure to blend. 

2. After the age of 35, avoid any shiny eye shadows.


Truth: This might be the worst myth out there because for such a long time so many men and women have been avoiding fabulous eye shadows after 35. When I say shiny, I mean any type of glitter, shimmer, iridescent, or frost texture. Everyone out there thinks that if they wear a glitter eye shadow after a certain point in their lives that you will know all of their deep dark secrets.

Tip: If you use a light hand, the right color and avoid any areas on the lid where there is any aging, you can wear an appropriate amount of these textures as much as your heart desires.

3. If you tweeze a gray hair, it will grow back thicker.


Truth: Lets bring it back to anatomy. Your hair follicle will be the same size from your natural color to when you start to get salt and pepper. So it is impossible for you to tweeze a hair and have it grow back magically thicker and angrier at you.   

Tip: Grab a color pen for in-between color touch ups so you can avoid the pain and the annoyance of grays popping up. Girl, BYE

4.  You have to wash your hair daily.


Truth: This is why dry shampoo was invented! Your hair needs to produce natural oils from your scalp to maintain healthy hair. So by washing it daily, you are stripping those oils and nutrients that it needs. 

Tip: Buy a color matching or clear dry shampoo. If you have lighter hair, you can use baby powder to absorb the oil.

5. Put on concealer first then foundation.


Truth: It’s actually the opposite. Your foundation is what you first put down because that’s what matches your skin color. Your concealer goes on top to provide extra coverage that the foundation missed. The concealer also brightens up the under eye area which tends to be three shades darker then our natural coloring. If you apply concealer first, you are dulling the color and brightening coverage.

Tip: Apply your favorite foundation first.  To apply, use a brush or ring finger, it’s the weakest out of all the fingers and applies the least amount of pressure. Choose a concealer 1-2 shades lighter then your coloring under the eye area. 


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