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Between keeping track of finances, planning meals, and getting the kids to school on time, the daily grind is sometimes too much to handle. Luckily, technology can lend a helping hand. Here are some of the best apps to help your family planning get back on track!


15992-cozi-app-imageFor day to day family management, Cozi is king. This helpful app keeps the whole family on the same page with a group calendar and finance tracking system. The family message board keeps everyone up to date on the latest appointment changes and makes dinner easy by storing your personal recipes and grocery list that anyone in the family can access.


15992-tripcase-app-imageFamily vacations, while a ton of fun, can be a scheduling frenzy. TripCase minimizes the madness by displaying your hotel reservations, travel times, and dinner plans all in one place. The user-friendly interface provides easy to follow driving directions and up to the minute travel updates.




Google Calendar gives the whole family access to the daily schedule with a simple layout. For those of us used to the ways of Gmail, integrating this app into your daily planning will be easy. Your social media events and s are easily integrated into the widely used platform, making switching over simple. 



EvernotePICStore all of your notes and audio memos on Evernote and they can be accessed from anywhere. The open-ended platform lets you keep track of files and find them with a simple search, no matter how organized or disorganized you tend to be. 



HubPicKeeping chores and errands on an even keel is integral to a stabilized household. Hub lets you delegate the daily housekeeping to each member of the family, while letting everyone send and receive important messages and scheduling changes. 

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