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best-fitness-gurus-on-sociaRichard Simmons is not the only fitness guru that can be found online!

By searching different fitness guru's online, you can get amped about your workout while learning some new tips and tricks. Searching them on pinterst.com allows the pictures to demonstrate new methods and diet options more effectively. It also lets you check out their hot bods.

 yoga-poseAli Holman

Fox Fitness Expert Ali Holman has motivated women to get in shape and care more about their health. Her website, CoreCamper.com has multiple workouts under 20 minutes that change on a daily basis. It also provides weekly meal plans along with grocery lists and her personal tips for motivation.

Her Twitter Handle:

Alan Greene

As a father and pediatrician, Dr. Alan Greene has devoted his practice to answering parents questions on the values of their child's nutrition. He has authored books like “Raising Baby Green” and “Feeding Baby Green” while using empathy and respect as his main approach. His major claim to fame his penchant for public speaking as he has hosted seminars in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle Ease.

His Twitter Handle:

Lissa Rankin

As an OB/GYN and author of books like “Mind Over Medicine” and “Visionary Ignition Switch”, Lissa Rankin provides insight to all aspects of health. At lissarankin.com, she promotes the vision of total body health while analyzing factors that may contribute to illness or depression. She even posts weekly topics designed to enhance the well being of mind and body.

Her Twitter Handle:

Stephanie Quilao

Known as the “Healthiness Curator” in the world of social media, Stephanie Quilao's blog focuses on varied aspects of health like charity and positive thinking. Her feed promotes foods for vegans but still caters to those who eat meat and other animal products. It's not hard to enjoy her posts as she highlights many of them with personal photos.

Her Twitter Handle:

Center For Disease Control And Prevention

This feed is one of the most popular. On a yearly basis the CDC maintains half a billion page hits which averages to about 40 million hits per moth. It capitalizes on all aspects of health like leading toys for children and the benefits of quitting smoking.

Twitter Handle:


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