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break-bad-habits-with-5-products-videoLearn how to turn your bad habits into good habits with these tasty and healthy alternatives!

It's definitely no easy task when it comes to breaking bad habits, especially when it comes to food and beauty products.

But, when you have the right alternatives, you can learn to make a healthy switch. Soon enough, eating the right foods or using the better shampoo won't be as hard as you think it is!

Andrea Metcalf is joined by Julie Bashkin to learn about 5 products to substitute bad habits



5 Products to a Healthier You

  1. All-Natural Soda - This all natural alternative to unhealthy pop (or soda) tastes great and has zero calories. You don't have to feel guilty when you're craving the carbonation - try Zevia!
  2. All Natural Shampoo & Conditioner - Natural products are great for your hair because they don't have sulfate. They also have Moroccan Argan Oil which is the new haircare trend. Moroccan oil is good for your hair because it strengthens hair follicles and keeps your scalp clean and hair looking healthy.
  3. Funky Monkey - Even though this sounds like a really good smoothie, it's actually healthy, packaged fruit. It's even appealing for children because of the colorful bag that it comes in. This is a great alternative for snacks on-the-go and it tastes great - Plus it can count towards your daily fruit intake!
  4. Berry Plus - Sounds like candy or a drink flavor enhancer, right? But it's actually an all-natural laundry detergent! It doesn't have harsh chemicals, it's good for your clothes and it's good for the planet. 
  5. Health Bars - Instead of reaching for a candy bar, reach for this all-natural alternative. Soy Joy is a whole fruit bar, very convenient and perfect if you're on-the-go. 

You wouldn't eat garbage, would you? Probably not. So, don't reach for junk food when you're hungry. Try using these healthy alternatives for bad habits. When you're busy and craving something sweet and savory, try Zevia, Funky Money or Soy Joy.

Remember, a healthier you is a happier you!

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