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breakfast-with-gingerThe Benefits Of Breakfast With Ginger

Having your breakfast with ginger can be something that you love so much, you make it a life long habit. Ginger has endless benefits and tastes great too! It boasts various digestive powers that have traditionally been used to treat loads of medical issues. Whether you want to try a sweet ginger cookie or sip some pungent ginger tea, there is a ginger breakfast that's right for you.

Ginger In The A.M. For All Day Health

The health benefits of ginger make a long list. Many people do not realize how quickly they can improve their own health just through what they are eating on a daily basis. Just by having breakfast with ginger each day, you can start relieving many digestive problems and additionally help your blood circulate more efficiently. Ginger aides in curing nausea, colic in infants, dysentery and can even stop food poisoning. It also has the ability to stimulate the circulatory system and this, in turn, can help in reducing coughing and even flu like symptoms.

Foods Containing Ginger

Some easy foods to get you started are ginger ale and ginger herbal tea, both readily available at grocery stores. Try diet ginger ale if you are worried about calories, and make sure that ginger is one of the first few ingredients. Ginger snaps and other ginger cookies can also be helpful, but because they are high in sugar and calories, they aren't a good choice for every day use. Look around online to find healthy gingerbread recipesthat use ingredients like ginger root, whole grain and nuts. You can also grate fresh ginger into a fine paste and add it to muffins, pancakes or even stir it into yogurt. A single ounce of ginger contains significant amounts of potassium, magnesium and vitamin B6 among other nutrients--all for 19 calories!

When you utilize ginger in the A.M. it can help improve the way your body will function the rest of the day. If you know you become ill sometimes just after lunch at work, then opt to have a ginger ale versus soda or coffees during the work day. Ginger for pregnacy is especially helpful with symptoms or morning sickness. Perfectly safe for expextant mothers, ginger can be used throughout the day to treat nausia, gas, and bloating. Look for special ginger flavored candies to suck on for a quick, on the go treatment for stomach issues.

Try it for a week and see if you can notice the difference that breakfast with ginger can truly make for you. Take a cup or thermos full of tea to work in the mornings, and before you leave the house toss a bit of ginger inside the container to allow it to steep inside the tea. You may notice less irritable bowels during the day, no more acid reflux and even feel healthier overall just by using the ginger in foods you already eat!

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