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Move over calming vests and anti-anxiety medicationthere's a new way to help calm your pets during times of stress, and this one involves everyone's favorite Scottish actor, David Tennant.

, a UK-based insurance company, created two filmsone for cats and one for dogsto help reduce anxiety brought on by loud noises like fireworks. According to the company, both films are "guided by extensive scientific research...and designed to be played a number of times to help combat nervousness and stress brought on by noise phobia."

Both films feature a soothing narration from David Tennant, who is best known for his role as the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who. While the films have been created with nervous pets in mind, we bet fans of the actor will enjoy the stress-reducing sounds as well. 

"Peer Window," designed for cats, features a range of animate and inanimate objects like fish, swaying trees and birds, as well as sounds of nature and purring.

"Woofering Heights" was shot in a dog's color vision and features sedentary dogs and slow-moving pastoral scenes. Tennant also uses words and cadences known to relax dogs.

No word yet on if the films actually work, but an initial test seems promising:

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