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  • With the holidays quickly approaching, gift giving can be stressful and overwhelming when it comes to shopping for your girlfriends. These ladies are always here for you, whether it involves a good laugh or a good cry, so they truly deserve nothing less than the best. Let go of your gift-giving worries and check out these fun, interesting and perhaps quirky gifts to get your girlfriends this year.

  • Bath Bombs

    Bath Bombs

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    Your gal pal can settle in for a good soak with one of these sweet-smelling bath bombs, exploding with essential oils.

  • Christmas PJs

    Christmas PJs

    Photo credit:

    What could be better than curling up by the fire in matching holiday jammies with your BFF? 

  • Agenda


    Photo credit:

    Help your girlfriend stay ahead of the game and get organized even before the New Year approaches. You can even pencil in the first ladies lunch.

  • Holiday Hot Chocolate Mix

    Holiday Hot Chocolate Mix

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    Warm up your girls' night with a cup of sizzling homemade cocoa, accompanied by the good old gift of gab.

  • Makeup Bag

    Makeup Bag

    Photo credit:

    This little number is adorable for storing all of your best friend's cosmetic needs. She'll also get a good laugh every time she pulls it out. 

  • BFF Phone Case

    BFF Phone Case

    Photo credit:

    Because matching "best friend" necklaces are so last decade. 

  • Contour Makeup Brushes

    Contour Makeup Brushes

    Photo credit:

    Even if your bestie doesn't know what "contour" means, these makeup brushes will feel like silk on her face, and are perfect for powder, blush or bronze. 

  • Single Use Clay Masks

    Single Use Clay Masks

    Photo credit:

    Help your girlfriend hydrate and renew her luscious mug, just in time for the New Year. 

  • Holiday Lip Color

    Holiday Lip Color

    Photo credit:

    Her favorite holiday sweater is bound to pop with a bold and rich lip color like this one. 

  • Coffee Mug

    Coffee Mug

    Photo credit:

    This cute and functional mug is perfect for keeping your BFF's morning caffeine hot when the temperature is cool. 

  • Holiday Bath Salts

    Holiday Bath Salts

    Photo credit:

    This cute and functional mug is perfect for keeping your BFF's morning caffeine hot when the temperature is cool. 

  • Roller Fragrances

    Roller Fragrances

    Photo credit:

    These sweet-smelling fragrances are crucial for those bear hugs that tend to happen around the holidays. 

  • Holiday Eyeshadow Palette

    Holiday Eyeshadow Palette

    Photo credit: 

    These shades are perfectly paired with a chunky sweater or a night out with the ladies. 

  • Monogram Tote

    Monogram Tote

    Photo credit: 

    Go anywhere and hold anything with a cute and customized bag that your best friend will adore. 

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