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The time to hit the gym and work on toning our beach bodies is now. Sure, ever since the New Year, working out has jumped on many priority lists, but now that the sun is shining and the snow is melting, there is no room for procrastination.

One thing that can make going to the gym a little more fun is getting to pick out some new cute workout clothes. With how many designs, colors, and patterns there are for all your workout gear, choosing between them can be daunting. Check out some of our favorite must-haves. 

Cropped Leggings with Fun Prints

Here is an essential you might get addicted to. For working out purposes, the athletic legging is lightweight, appropriately stretchy, stays in place, and for a crop, perfect for staying out of the way while running, biking, etc. Now for the fun part. These have taken off in a big way so you have endless options! You can even have a different patterned legging for every kind of workout if you so choose—floral Pilates, striped cycling, polka-dot jogging!

WorkoutLeggings - $35

Colorful and Flattering Sports Bras

In the past, sports bras have not necessarily been the most exciting thing to deal with. They can be uncomfortable and barely tolerable for a workout, or if they are comfortable, they cost a pretty penny. However, lately it appears that this is beginning to change. Bras for high impact activity are now available for very reasonable prices, and they are actually cute! Whether you find yourself a solid color to mix and match with those fun leggings or an actual flattering pattern for the bra itself, these little beauties can definitely be a confidence booster!

SportsBra - $30

Long-Sleeve Running Top

This might seem to be a very basic workout piece except for how fitted and put-together these tops can be. Sometimes when you are dressed up in your athletic gear, you might not feel like doing anything other than running home to change. With these kinds of tops and all of the colors and patterns that are offered, you can easily run errands or even meet up with a friend for lunch without looking too “active-wear-casual.” Do yourself a favor and be sure to have at least one of these on standby.

LululemonZippedTop - $98
 - $49

Adorable Active Accessories

No matter what your workout of choice is, it is always good to have an accessory you can recognize as your own in case you leave it somewhere around the gym, whether it be your water bottle or yoga mat. If you feel like matching your active wear with these items, go for it. The great thing is that matching and customizing is a very accessible option!


 - $25

Yogamat - $68

Now that you have an idea of all the new and fun options, go out and pick up some cute workout gear for spring!

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