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Why a Special Diet for Crohn's Patients is Important

Crohn's or IBD inflammatory Bowel disease is the condition of inflamed intestines as a direct result of an ulcer.  Most often patients with Crohn's disease suffer from sever abdominal cramps, bleeding most present in stool, diarrhea, fatigue and fevers.   Because of the severity of this condition, a nutritious diet for Crohn's patients is essential as long as the diet is in compliance with food choices that will not irritate the condition.  Crohn's patients suffer from severe bouts of diarrhea that make digesting and absorption of vital nutrients difficult; therefore following a strict diet high in nutritional value is vital.  This is the key factor in a Crohn's patient's diet and differentiating the right and wrong diet for Crohn's patients is very important.  If you or someone you know is suffering from IBD, review these facts about the ideal diet for Crohn's patients.

The Ideal Diet For Crohn's Patients is Specific To Needs

There are different types of Crohn's disease that require specific dietary guidelines be adhered to.  The most common form of Crohn's disease is lleocolitis, which is the inflammation of the lower part of the small intestines called the ileum.  This form of Crohn's disease is usually present just after meals by sharp abdominal pains around the belly button and diarrhea.

In total there are five distinctive types of Crohn's disease which affects different sections of the large or small intestines.  No matter what type of Crohn's diagnosis received a strict diet must be followed to minimize the onset and severity of Crohn's symptoms.  Therefore eating the proper foods with the right diet for Crohn's patients is the first step especially since people with IBD have trouble digesting and absorbing vital nutrients.

  • To avoid constipation, Crohn's suffers should drink plenty of fluids at least eight ten ounce servings a day and take multivitamins and minerals to replace lost nutrients.
  • A High fiber diet is recommended for Crohn's patients especially when the IBD is under moderate control. While the richest source of fiber is found in raw vegetables, steaming the vegetables first is easier to tolerate. However when one experiences an IBD flare up, eliminate the fiber to allow the bowels a chance to heal.
  • Dairy products containing lactose must be eliminated from a Crohn's patient's diet. This means only lactose free or non dairy products like rice or soy milk are recommended.Ocassionally soy will not be tolerated and almond milk is then a good substitute.
  • Crohn's patients should avoid foods high in caffeine and sorbitol. Foods and beverages containing caffeine and/or sorbitol can aggravate the bowel and cause painful IBD flare ups.
  • Foods that produce gas should be removed from the diet of a Crohn's patient. These may include certain vegetables like, cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage. Dried beans and peas are also restricted from the diet as well as carbonated drinks.
  • Spicy foods are a big "No No" for people with IBD.

The general diet for a Crohn's patient should be high in fiber when possible, lean meats high in protein and in more extreme cases dieticians will suggest pre-digested nutritional drinks to supplement nutrient loss as a result of an IBD flare up.  If you think you may be at risk of Crohn's Disease talk to a physician immediately.

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