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We all grew up with a beauty kit, whether it was a collection of sparkly makeup or a nail polish set that was always spilled on the carpet. As adults, we would love a packaged kit that would help us not only look good but also save time and money! Here are three sets that take us back to childhood but are way better than kids play.



Take the hassle out of shopping for a new perfume with a fun do-it-yourself fragrance kit!

No longer do you have to sniff through multiple selections at a department store while holding back sneezes. When you make your own fragrance, you'll be sure to create a scent you'll want to wear again and again. 

Item: Spritz Charming DIY Perfume Kit

Price: $37.99

Hair Wraps

DIY-Beauty-Kits -For-Adults-hair-wrap

Add color and texture to any hair type with this useful hair wrap kit. This one from Urban Outfitters contains a kit with colored strings, an applicator and DIY guide - perfect for trying something new for your locks. 

An added bonus? This look is amazing with braids.

Item: Urban Outfitters' Hair Wraps

Price: $10.00

Beauty Blender


This beauty blending surface brings a whole new meaning to painting one’s face. Similar to the shape of an artist’s palette, this DIY makeup tool helps a beauty lover customize and blend shades. It can be used for both matching a skin tone to even creating one’s own shade of lipstick, making any color attainable.

Item: beautyblender sur.face™ pro by beautyblender®

Price: $40.00

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