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Not all of us can wake up with luxurious, glowing skin like Heidi Klum or Blake Lively.

We don't have that glam squad set up quite yet. As we head into cooler months, our skin will inevitably start to get dry or break out. Many women might think covering up those red bumps of fury with layers of caked on makeup will make things better but  - spoiler alert - it won’t.

Rather than clogging up your already clogged pores with chemical-infused products, try putting something a little more natural on your skin.

One of my favorite easy-to-make natural makeup products is a spice bronzer. That’s right - bronzer made from spices to give your skin a little "kick."

The process is really quite simple!



  • Dark and light-colored spices: cinnamon, cocoa powder, nutmeg, arrow root powder



  1. Mix dark and light-colored spices.
  2. Combine them in a small container to create a color that fits your skin tone.
  3. *TIP: Put moisturizer on before applying the bronzer to help it stick to your skin. 


There will likely be some trial and error involved until you find the right combination. Just a quick brush and your cheeks will taste and smell like sugar and spice and everything nice!

Photo Credit: Alexandria Fisher

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