Dont Undermine the Camo1We've got five camouflage outfits to make you look like a fashion expert this fall.

Maybe by now you’ve noticed every fall season brings camo jackets, trousers, jeans and other camo gear. What strikes many shoppers is the question, “What would I wear with such a recognizable print?” or “How many different ways could I wear camo trousers without it looking the same?”

Unable to resist the appeal, we buy the pair or jacket anyway, hoping we’ll get our money’s worth pairing other things in our closet.

Dont Undermine the Camo2Why Camo Became Popular in the Fashion Industry

Andy Warhol might be most recognized for merging the camo look into the fashion industry. He incorporated the print in different colors into his work in order to make the pattern even more attractive to the eye than a generic floral pattern. The rest of the world started to see new possibilities with the pattern.


Since Warhol, camo and the fashion industry have always had a close relationship. Because of its rising popularity to signify fall has arrived, we’ve decided to help put a list together on how to wear camo like a fashion model.


5 Ways to Wear Camo This Fall

Oversized Camo Jacket

  • Top: Oversized camo jacket, left open to show white tee underneath
  • Bottom: Dark blue jeans
  • Shoes: Combat boots

Your Boyfriend's Camo Trousers

  • Top: Black leather jacket
  • Bottom: Authentic camo trousers, pants rolled up just over the ankles
  • Shoes: Black heels

Camo Vest

  • Top: Graphic band tee and camo utility vest
  • Bottom: Jeans or black skinnies
  • Shoes: White converse sneakers

Chunky Sweater and Camo Skinnies

  • Top: Oversized black turtle neck sweater
  • Bottom: Skinny camo jeans (cropped)
  • Shoes: Black heels 

Camo at Night

  • Top: Oversized camo jacket, black mini-dress
  • Bottom: Either bare or black tights
  • Shoes: Heeled ankle booties

Heels clearly seem to be the way to spin the female card on this style. Whether you’re going for a fancy appeal or a casual camo outfit to go shopping in, we’re convinced there are endless ways to style camo this season.

Other Accessories to Switch Up the Look

  • Camo Nails
  • Camo Handbags
  • Camo Mittens
  • Camo Tights
  • Camo Scarves

Does anyone remember when the camo look became popular in the fashion world? Tell us how you eased into wearing the pattern, even if you just started wearing the style this fall season--get at us @womensforum! 

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