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Easy-at-home-workouts-videoHome Workouts

In warm weather season, and with spring and summer, out come the shorts and swimsuits.  And most of us, this is the time of "reckoning," where we realize whether or not our summer clothing still fits and whether that swimsuit is going to "cut it" this summer.  This is where we are "busted" if we didn't work out much this past year.  But whether or not you were busted, there are still ways to tone up quickly in the privacy of your own home.  Andrea Metcalf shows us three effective leg exercises that will get you toned up in no time! 

When working out at home there are many body weight exercises you can do in a short amount of time to get us motivated the wear those clothes!

Work Out At Home

Some of us just don't feel that we have the time to get to the gym.  And some of us are just too embarrassed to go to the gym.  Though both of these excuses to work out at home can be overcome, there are ways to work out at home and get the results that you want.  Here are some exercises that will wake up those lower-body muscle fibers using your own body weight, as Andrea Metcalf demonstrates.

Best Indoor Workouts

  • Front Leg Lift:  Stand upright, using good posture, tummy tucked in.  Lift right leg straight up in front of you, balancing on your left leg.  If balance is a challenge for you, then enlist the help of a chair to help you keep your balance.  Lift leg 20 to 30 times, or for 20 to 30 repetitions.  Switch legs and do the same on the other side.  This exercise is good for tummy, lower back and your backside.
  • Back Leg Lift:  Again, stand upright, with good posture, shoulders back and tummy tucked in.  With this exercise you may want to first grab a chair for balance.  As you become more toned, you will likely be able to do this without balance.  Grasp chair or put hands on hips and take your right leg back as high as you can go.  If you have lower back problems, do not take the leg as high.  Leg can be slightly bent or knees should be soft.  Lift leg behind you 20 to 30 repetitions.  Then switch legs and perform the same movement.  This exercise is excellent for your "bumper" and lower back.
  • Side Leg Lift:  Like the first two leg lifts, you will now take your leg out to the side.  Leg can be slightly bent and if it helps to grab onto something, then go for it.  But make sure that your shoulders are back, tummy tucked in, and that your posture is good.  Again, perform 20-30 repetitions on each leg.  This exercise is great for your obliques, otherwise known as your side abdominal muscles.  These are the muscles that promote a dipping in at the waist.  This exercise is also great for your backside and all-around core.

As you get into shape, remember the importance of daily walks.  Walk briskly for 20-30 minutes each day.  Take your dog with you if you have one!  You both will benefit from the exercise and fresh air.  It is also important to remember to breath during the leg lift exercises.  Breathing oxygenates your muscles as you tone up.

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