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8-essentials-for-Traveling-9863The great thing about traveling alone is that you’re free to do whatever you want. You don’t have to wait for your friends to wake up, you don’t have to stay out until the wee hours of the morning if you would rather rest. There's something about that feeling of freedom that really makes a person feel wonderful.

There are important things to remember about traveling alone. Yet if you plan ahead and take the proper precautions to make sure you stay safe, traveling alone can be the best!


Safety First

Finding ways to stay safe when traveling alone is your number one goal. No matter where you are, walking alone can make you more vulnerable and a potential easy target for criminals. With that said, though, it is also easier to blend in with the crowd when you’re alone. Walk with purpose and avoid walking around with your face in a map. Pay close attention to your surroundings and follow your gut.

Don’t Act Like You're Alone

Never tell strangers you're solo. If you are asking for directions, tell a little white lie. "Do you know where the park is? I’m meeting a friend." That way, if you do come across someone looking to take advantage, they don’t think you’re alone.

Do Your Research

When taking a cab or shopping at non-corporate shops like farmers markets, make sure you know how money works in other countries and what a reasonable price would be. It is a good idea to have a conversion calculator on your phone so you’re not paying the equivalent of twenty dollars for an apple.

Watch For The Single Supplement

Tour operators, hotels and other tourist attractions sometimes add money to your bill to make up the money they’re missing from a second person. The cost ranges from 25 to 100 percent. You can sometimes avoid these charges if you put up a little fight, but if you can’t, look for another company. There is usually more than one company offering the same tour or activity.

Be Selfish

Take advantage of the fact that you don’t have to please anyone but yourself. If you don’t like art, don’t visit an art museum. If you want to lie on the beach all day, do it. You don’t have to worry about seeing the things that your travel companion(s) want to see, and it’s great.

Dine Alone

Don’t lock yourself in your hotel room for meals because you don’t want to eat alone. Instead, visit a busy café or try a local favorite. Most likely, you will strike up a conversation with people around you and you may learn about other activities that you want to try.

Make A Budget

Traveling solo isn’t the best way to go if money is tight, but there are things you can do to keep in your budget. Separate your money out by day, and don’t go over your daily budget. It is a good idea to keep a credit card with you for emergencies, but don’t use it for an activity you can’t really afford.

Ditch Social Media

Be where you are, not in your phone. We hear it all the time, but it holds true especially when traveling. Take plenty of photos, but share them with friends and family when you get home. If you post them all while you’re gone, you won’t have anything to show them when you can really explain the trip.

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