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Michael and April Wolber could not wait to say their “I Do’s,” but firefighters told them on their wedding day that they would have to evacuate from their wedding location due to a wildfire. The couple, who were to be married in Bend, Oregon, decided to stay for a bit and the stunning results have gone viral.

The couple decided to stay at their original location in Bend, Oregon for the ceremony where their photographer, Josh Newton, got some pretty incredible photos that spread well...like wildfire across the web!

Firefighters informed the couple and their guests that the Two Bulls wildfire was quickly approaching their location. Yet after some persuasion, the firefighters allowed a quick ceremony to take place.


Good thing they agreed, because these wedding photos are unlike anything you’ve ever seen - Dangerous, romantic and beautiful! In one of the photos, the couple is standing in an open field with the smoke clouds drifting behind them. In another, the lovebirds are gazing into each other’s eyes on an empty road with the blazing flames as background. 

The photographer said that in his 10 years of doing this, he never photographed anything like it.


"It all felt very surreal, somewhat scary. We were all in shock. But it was also romantic and something that only happens once in your life,” he said.

The couple loved their photos, but more so were happy that no was hurt due to their staying for a bit. They moved their reception to their backup location in downtown Bend. 

Congrats to the couple...and kudos to the photog! 

Photo Credit: joshnewton.pass.us/aprilandmichael


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Photo Credit: AKM-GSI



A series of captivating never-before-seen photographs from Princess Diana and Prince Charles' iconic 1981 wedding at Buckingham Palace have resurfaced. The beautiful images offer a rare candid glimpse at Princess Di and other members of the Royal Family moments before and after the big ceremony.


You might be wondering how to talk to your kids about same-sex marriage after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it was legal in all 50 states. However, it turns out that for your youngsters it may be a lot more simple than that.

In an adorable video from Esurance titled #EqualDreams, kids and teens from a real wedding were asked to describe the big day of their dreams. The adorable kids provoked "aww" responses from us by naming volcanoes, dolphins, and huge donuts. One little girl even said, "If my husband doesn't like the cake, he will buy his own cake."

Then there were the heartbreaking responses from gay teens who said they couldn't even imagine their big day because of the stigma. 

“Everybody should be allowed to get married,” one cute tot explains in the video. “If you love them and they love you back, then you should be able to get married with them.”

Photo Credit: YouTube/Esurance