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Chicago Fire Season 4 Premieres: October 13, 2015 - 10/9 CT

Channel: NBC

Fall-TV-Chicago-Fire-Monica-RevisedWhere We Left Off:

After leaving work early, fans see Dawson in the bathroom holding a pregnancy test. Without seeing the results, Dawson rushed to Casey’s apartment and the door is open.

Casey is nowhere to be found, but there is a woman, presumably dead, in the middle of the apartment with blood soaking the rug beneath her – Dawson recognizes the victim.

What To Expect:

Is Dawson actually pregnant? Who was the murdered woman in Casey’s apartment and how did that happen? Is Casey the killer? We can't wait anymore! Can Season 4 hurry up?!


Who To Watch With:

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  •  (Filming Locations in Chicago)
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Chat With The Actors:

  •  (Jesse Spencer - "Matthew Casey")
  •  (Melissa Ponzio - "Donna Robbins")
  •  (Lauren German - "Leslie Shay")
  •  (Joe Minoso - "Joe Cruz")
  •  (Christian Stolte - "Mouch")
  •  (David Eigenberg - "Christopher Hermann")
  •  (Charlie Barnett - "Peter Mills")
  •  (Taylor Kinney - "Kelly")
  •  (Monica Raymund - "Gabriela Dawson")

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