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time-managmentEffective family time management happens. And it's  a habit which has either been learned to be used positively or negatively. An organized family is a family that appears to have plenty of time on their hands, despite the perception that each and every family member seems to be busy! 

Sounds rather contradictory, doesn't it?  But in reality there's a certain truth to the old saying of, "if you need something done, ask a busy person to do it for you!" But wouldn't it be nice to just have a little more time? What if you could find extra time to spend on those things that you enjoy doing as well as spend less time on obligations that you find so trivial and aggravating?

Family Time Management to Optimize Life

How do you achieve this seemingly magical concept of more time? It's easy! By choosing to implement just a few good old fashioned time management tips you will be rewarded with at least an extra hour or two each day.

If issues like getting the kids to school on time, being late for work and arguments over a busy family morning schedule, or lack thereof are familiar problems in your household, then you may be in need of a few easy to implement time management tips. Things like teaching kids responsibility, devising and sticking to family routines and night before preparations will certainly assist you in utilizing your time more productively. There are plenty of helpful online parenting and household delegation secrets that will equip you with lots of good ideas that make for smoother household organization.

How does an effective family time management system work and what does it look like? Chances are if you are frazzled, exasperated and worn out most of the time, you are definitely not wearing the face of a family that uses good time management tips which include routines, sharing the workload, co-operation, respect for others and organization. If the face that you are sporting is that of chaos, clutter and not nearly enough time to do everything that needs to get done, it's time to take control of your time which will reward you in a myriad of ways including more time for yourself, your family and friends as well as all of those wonderful hobbies and other activities that you enjoy so much. There are plenty of great time management tips, but the best by far is this simple idea that follows. Best of all, it actually works.

The Family Calendar

Take a large 52 week desk or wall calendar with a 7 day display on each page. Put anything and everything you and your family have happening in there, be it school, work, clubs, doctors or family appointments. Train your family to let you know in advance if they have things they need you to attend or take them to. If little Jenny has a birthday party next Saturday or Katie has a friend sleeping over planned for Friday night, teach them that it must be written on that calendar.

The golden rule of family time management success here is that if the details are not listed on the family calendar, then it's not going to happen, period!  You will be amazed at just how quickly your family will come around to the idea.  Just be consistant.  You will be surprised how quickly members will comply, especially after a couple of experiences of forgetting to log their forthcoming plans, events and activities. This not only makes your life easier by knowing exactly what's on your schedule for the up and coming days, it also teaches your children the valuable lesson of respecting other people's time.

Another fabulous benefit is that you have a clear idea of where everyone is supposed to be on any given date.  Parents of teens, especially those kids that drive cars know too well the nightmare of worry and frustration that comes from having no idea of their teenagers whereabouts. This great family time management tool eliminates much of that feeling of dread as you have a clear idea of where they should be.  And what if they are not where they should be?  Well that's an article for another time on Discipline Tactics That Work.  Believe it or not, time is not at all difficult to bend, stretch and pattern so that it behaves in more of the manner that you want it to!

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