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У нашей компании популярный портал с информацией про автоматический полив цена.
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Every little girly girl dreams of a having an extravagant party where all her favorite things are combined: friends, glitz, glamour, fashion, photos, and fun. A fashion magazine party in honor of fashion week is the ultimate girl’s day where they can all get a little glammed up!

10239-fashion-magazine-party-for-girls-1Photoshoot: Book a professional photographer to come take photos of the girls. Let each girl get her chance to shine in front of the camera with her personal portraits. You could also set up a photo booth if a professional photographer isn't in the budget, so let the girls take their own pics! And of course, selfies are a must!

Glam Squad: When any celebrities or models take professional photos for a magazine, they have a glam squad to get them picture perfect and so it shouldn’t be anything different for the girls. Let them feel special by getting their makeup done professionally. 

Personal Shopper: The girls have to look the part! Fashion spreads in magazines always include never-before-seen exclusive fashions. While a girl’s wardrobe won’t be the most extravagant or exclusive, you can grab a bunch of vintage or cool clothing items and place them all on a long rack for the girls to grab to make them feel just as special. Faux fur vests, vintage sunglasses, boas, necklaces, pearl earrings, high heels, etc. You can purchase a few items but be sure to raid your own closet or a thrift store.

Props: Some props to make the fashion magazine party seem more real is an all-white area for the photos to be taken, a bunch of fashion magazines for inspiration, blown up pictures of the girls placed all around, and plenty of glitter!

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