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Sundfathers_day_honoring_daday we will honor the top cheese in our family. It is officially Father’s Day time. Typically I will ask my husband ahead of time what he would like to do on his special day? One year he was smart and said “pull down the shades, make the room dark, and watch war movies all day.” I always envied him for that and wished I could have the guts to pull it off.

This year we will be staying home and enjoying the back yard. One of my girlfriends does it beautifully by assigning all of her kids a task, just for Dad. One gives him a back rub. One gets him drinks and snacks all day, and the other cooks his favorite dinner for him. This is a great thing in helping to realize that yes, this is a day you pay tribute to your father, rather than mom cooks and kids show up. So that is Plan A.

Plan B involves gifts which we often struggle with. Having a great sense of humor, the kids and I sat down and brain stormed the ideal gifts WE would love to get Dad and here is a list of possibilities:


The Ultimate Dad Gifts:

1.  Magnifying Eye Cups that attach to the refrigerator for those hard to find objects on the center shelf.

2.  A book on how to teach stupid pet tricks so our pooch can get Dad a cold beer when his thirst quenchers call for it.

3. A toilet that functions as a meter so when the quarter runs out so does the experience.

4. A bike that has a mower attached to the front for those days when exercise is a must and so is mowing the lawn.

5. Super draft-resistant insulation that fits between the door jamb and the perimeter of the door.

6. A rotating arrow that alternately points to each child in a different order when lined up and asked “Who Did It?”

7. A sign that reads “I didn’t do it.”

8. Golf shoes that double as dethatchers for the lawn.

9. A silencer for the shower so Dad can’t hear when shower times go over 10 minutes.

10. A clapper that shuts off the lights when it detects Dad’s shoes coming down the hall.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads that work so hard to support, encourage, and provide for their families—all while still maintaining a sense of humor. We love you Dad!!!


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