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The X Factor finalists Fifth Harmony have taken the world by storm with their new hit Bo$$.

The group is known for girl power and confidence themed songs but Bo$$ takes them to a new level. What better way to show off girl power than calling out some of the most powerful females in the world?

Fifth Harmony, also known as 5H, call out Michelle Obama, Kanye West, Oprah, and more in their new song. 

With lyrics like "I want a Kanye not a Ray J" and "Michelle Obama, purse so heavy getting' Oprah dollars," the group sets the theme for women to not only have big goals but go out and achieve them. 

After spelling out "confident" and singing "pledging allegiance to independent girls," its apparent the girl group is not messing around when it comes to empowerment. 

One of the groups members, Camila Cabello said, "The whole point of the song is for girls who are our age to turn it on and feel confident and empowered because at this age being insecure is such a normal, common thing" 

Here is the music video for the new song, Bo$$!

Photo Credit: YouTube

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