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mind-and-body-finding-purpose-videoDeveloping purpose is an important part of becoming truly happy. Happiness comes when you're passionate about something that you get to do everyday, you find achievement in what you're doing and feel more connected because of it. When you are unsure of your own purpose in life, you may feel lost. Our experts share their thoughts on finding one's purpose and how to develop one when you feel lost.

Myself, I recommend you talk to friends about your strengths and then rate your happiness where they see you most capable. Finding purpose is understanding what you have to offer and blending what you are passionate about to see where you fit into this big world.

About the Experts

Lisa-Payne-Photo-FINALLisa Payne is a Health and Fitness Expert in Chicago specializing in personal training. She is a Fitness Writer for Demand Studios, Today's Chicago Woman magazine, CheekyChicago.com and on her own blog . Lisa is also an Adjunct Professor in Exercise Physiology and is a Brand Ambassador for LARABAR, and Kate Hudson's athletic company Fabletics. Find her on  and on her . 



Stephanie Mansour (aka Step-It-Up with Steph) is a Body Image & Confidence Coach for women, as well as an in-home personal trainer, yoga, & Pilates instructor. She's been featured on CNN and TV stations across the country for her holistic approach to women's health & fitness. Get her free guide to have more confidence and feel good about your body here.


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