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fitness-trends-pin-performance-videoPin performance has weight lifting figured out.

If you have ever been to the gym, you know that after a few repetitions of lifting a weight, you can get fatigued and need a break before you can finish another set. Well, with Pin Performance you won’t need to stop. 


Pin Performance and Weight Lifting

Pin Performance is a new fitness trend every fitness guru and beginner has to be thankful for. Featured at the 2013 Club Industry Show, pin performance makes weight lifting a little easier.

Pin performance makes weights lighter as you get fatigued winded or need to rest without compromising your workout.

Place two pins inside the weight as you do normally, one at your lifting max and another where it’s manageable if and when you get tired. Lift the weights and when the weights not pinned are tapped with the weights you’re lifting, the bottom pin pops out and your load gets lighter. Weights are literally dropped off or put back on top of the others. Tap it again, the other pin pops out and your last few lifts are lighter than a feather.

Pin performance allows a gym pro or beginner to finish strong.

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