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five-beauty-mistakes-women-over-40-makeAs we get older, there are beauty tricks that no longer work.

What worked for us in our 20's and 30's just doesn't cut it when we are in our 40's. That's reality, plain and simple. Yet we still want to look our best, whether it be a hair style, hair color, fashion or makeup. Many of us are still stuck in the 70's and 80's with our feathered hair or mullets. Others of us wear those high-waisted jeans that only the very thin, leggy girls look good in.

But, just because we are 40 or over doesn't mean that we still cannot celebrate our assets! We just need to tweak a few practices that might have worked in our earlier years, but might not "cut the mustard" anymore.

The following are beauty mistakes that women over 40 make. Ladies, we still look good! Up your "hotness" level by avoiding these beauty mistakes.

Five Beauty Mistakes for Women 40 and Up

1. Hair Color

Cover the gray, but don't overdo it. Some of us on a budget unknowingly let our hair get too dark if we do it ourselves. Find a trusted stylist that can give you suggestions. Hair too dark, even if your natural color, shows age because it picks up shadows from any "drag" on the face. One word: gravity. Any sagging or wrinkles are magnified with too dark of a hair color. On the flip side, going too blonde tends to wash a girl out.

Tread lightly, my friends. Talk to a hair stylist. Visit with trusted friends on what looks good on you. Pay attention to compliments on your hair color and act accordingly.

2. Hair Style

Ditch the past and try something new! You only live once! Your hairstylist or friends can tell you what looks good on you. But also, you might instinctively know what would look good on you anyway. You just need to "take the plunge." Live a little and experiment!

3. Makeup

Gone are the days when you can wear very little if you have had sun exposure. As we age, we get pigmentation that only a strong foundation covers well. You just may need more coverage than you used to. If you are going to invest in makeup, pick a good coverage and perhaps plunk down a little more dough for it. As we age, our pores enlarge and can tend to sag. This is where if you have oily skin, a translucent powder can minimize pore size.

And by the way, go easy on the eyeliner. No need for the liquid stuff anymore. Instead use an angled brush with a subtle eyeshadow and brush under eyes.


4. Exfoliate and Moisturize

As said earlier, as we age, no matter whether oily or dry, our pores enlarge and become more prominent. Exfoliation sheds the dead skin cells and tightens them, making them appear as if they were when we were younger. Do this at least once a week with a good mask. In addition, find a good moisturizer that you use both day and night. And always wash off your makeup at night.

5. Dress for Your Body

We have all seen the girlfriends that dress too young for their age, or do not flatter their body the way they should with clothing. Assess your figure and dress accordingly. This doesn't mean you can't wear the "flirty" stuff. There are department stores that are geared toward keeping us in style.

Do you feel fabulous at 40? Let us know!

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