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17310-science-of-flavor-headerWhen it comes to curbing your appetite, you should start not with how much you're eating, but what you're putting in your body. The look, smell, and taste of your food have just as much, if not more, to do with why your stomach starts grumbling again so soon after a meal. 

Every strand of our DNA is coded for flavor. In the beginning, taste was a survival instinct that helped us know what to eat that would nourish our bodies (meats, greens, etc.) versus what might hurt us (like poisonous plants). As we have evolved, taste has created a sister sense, flavor.

Taste is essentially food hitting your taste buds. Flavor, however, involves all of the senses. It's how food sounds, what it looks like, the smell of it, the feel of it and, finally, the taste of it.  


Our bodies mark and remember the flavors of the foods that provide the nutrients needed to survive. Low on vitamin C? Your body's cravings for citrus could kick in. Low iron levels? A steak or hamburger might start looking pretty good. 

17310-tongue-squareWhen that happens, our bodies seek out what is missing by craving the foods it has associated with those vitamins or minerals. But our tongues, they go for the tastiest versions first. This means that going bland may fill your plate, but without flavor it's not likely to feed your cravings.

The good news? The opposite is also true. Foods loaded with flavor can pack a powerful punch. So fill your body with good food loaded with flavor!


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