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Even gardens can use a nice day at the spa. Believe it or not, your plants and flowers have pores that need cleaning and care just like the pores on your face! Plant pores called stomates, can become clogged with city smog, grime and dirt and lose a bit of their intense color. So, get to scrubbing! 

Tips for Gardening Spa Treatments

Syringing is the only way to ensure that your flowers and plants have clean pores or stomates. Syringing involves some very concentrated water pressure application and has to be done very thoroughly to ensure that plant’s clogged pores are cleared. While you could call a garden service to do your syringing for you, avid gardeners with a bit of time are more than capable of this type of garden care. 

Gardening How-To Syringing

  • Syringing should be done at times in the day where there is little direct sunlight to ensure that plants can absorb as much water as possible. 
  • Apply pressure to end of your water hose and aim the stream at plants. For more delicate flowers apply a little less pressure. 
  • Spray the water on and around all plants and leaves to ensure that all fungus and grime is cleared from your plant’s pores. Don’t forget the backs of plants to get rid of pests and other chemicals! 
  • Follow with a general watering of your flower garden to give the freshly cleaned flowers and plants a satisfying drink. 

This tip for gardening will ensure that your flower garden and lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood. Take your garden to the day spa and give your plants a much-needed facial! Watch out gardeners, the neighbors are jealous! 

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