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You spend hours in your garden, picking and planting until you're sore in the back. Why not treat yourself to some flashy new gardening gear? 

These items could change the way you garden. Whether you're looking for the latest tech or ways to take the strain off your body, these items are going to keep your garden looking fresh and beautiful.


KneePadsIt appears to be a relaxed activity, but gardening can really take its toll on the body. These padded knee protectors will minimize the strain on those green-stained knees and keep that gardening binge going. 




Photo Credit: Gardeners.com


ParrotFlowerPowerThis nifty, new age device will keep you digitally up to date on the status of your plants. The sensor alerts the user via Bluetooth when the plant is in need of new soil, water, a temperature change, or light adjustments. 



Photo Credit: Bobvila.com


GardenBagStaying organized is one of the most common challenges gardeners face. By the end of a long day of gardening, there are probably tools strewn all over the yard. A helpful tool belt is all you really need to stay organized. This comfortable canvas belt is especially made for gardening equipment and can help make cleanup a far less tedious task. 



salvePulling weeds in the hot sun isn't an ideal way to preserve flawless skin, so gardeners need to take extra steps to keep their skin looking as good as their flowerbeds. This English lavender works to preserve the skin's natural moisture no matter how much abuse it takes beneath the hot summer sun. 


Photo Credit: Shopterrain.com


GardenCamMany gardeners have experienced the dread of waking up to find their garden destroyed by some unseen critter of the night. The Brinno GardenWatch Cam will not only help you rid yourself of pesky animals, but it also provides cool time lapse images of your garden's growth over time. 





Photo Credit: Bobvila.com


gardengloves We've all had run-ins with less than friendly plants that would rather cut up our hands than be pulled or trimmed. These Gold Leaf Soft Touch gloves provide important protection for all tasks in the garden. Gold Leaf Gloves are known for their durability and strength while still being flexible and comfortable to wear. 


Photo Credit: Gardeners.com


GardenHatIf you want to be a great gardener, you've got to have the look. This Mingo Garden hat won't only make you look stylish but will protect your face and neck from the glaring sun. You'll be amazed at how much extra energy you have by simply keeping your head cool with this breezy fashion choice. 

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