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Some of the best memories are often made in the kitchen with your kids. Summer is a great time of year to get the kids in your life cooking. With lots of free time on their hands, kids are more open to adventures in the kitchen, especially when they get to enjoy a yummy treat after all their hard work. There may be more messes in the kitchen to clean up, it may take longer to get dinner on the table, but the long-term benefits of spending time with children in the kitchen far outweigh the negatives.

Kids who create meals are learning much more than basic cooking skills. They are learning to take care of themselves, they are gaining a sense of accomplishment and they are trying new and often healthier foods. Less time and money is spent at restaurants and more time is spent building bonds and memories. Lastly, cooking and shopping for food gets kids thinking about where their food comes from.

It’s important that we all take time to think about the bigger picture of how the food on our plate and Mother Nature are interrelated. I have compiled a few websites to help you get started.

Cooking Websites That Will Inspire Your Kids to Cook

  1. "Kid-Friendly Food" blog on Bihoo.com: Stay on top of the latest recipes from blogger Cathy Jacobs who knows quite a bit about recipes that kids will enjoy. And, kids may be able to cook many of the dishes themselves.
  2. Weelicious.com: This is a fun site that is easy to navigate and full of tasty-looking recipes. The philosophy is to not just try to “hide” the vegetables. It’s about teachings kids to appreciate all the ingredients and what they can add to a dish. This website has great photography of the dishes too. The site even includes videos of the blogger, Catherine, cooking with her young kids. You can also sign up to receive free daily recipes.
  3. Spatulatta.com: Nothing brings cooking to life better for kids than watching videos of other kids providing step-by-step instructions for the recipe. You get just that and more at this site hosted by 11 and 13-year-old Belle and Liv. These young ladies even won a James Beard Award!
  4. Rachaelray.com/kids: Rachel Ray has created a great place on her site to research and find new recipes and hear from parent bloggers with unique points of view.

Are you finding that you’re just not ready to let the young sprouts in your life into your sacred cooking domain? There’s always the Easy Bake Oven... And yes, they are still around.

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