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There are some types of conversations that are just bound to be difficult, awkward, and uncomfortable; so much so, in fact, that we often find reasons to avoid having them in the first place. However, those are the conversations that we often need to have the most. 

Getting Things Started. 

As you are probably already (and perhaps acutely) aware, putting off tough or uncomfortable conversations may make things more complicated and difficult in the long run - so you've been sidestepping a potentially awkward or embarrassing conversation with a loved one, we suggest why not make today the day you take some action. Perhaps some of the following ideas can help you out, particularly if the conversation involves a mentally and physical tricky health problem like incontinence. 

Make A Reference

Whether it's describing a theoretical situation, referencing a relevant movie, TV show, or even a book, when you take the personal feelings out of the conversation and make it about someone, that makes it easier for someone to open up. Decontextualizing something and making it an abstract problem - making it less personal - can be great for broaching embarrassing topics. Which leads us into the next suggestion...

Rip Off The Band Aid

Waiting for the perfect moment to bring things up is often just an excuse to avoid the subject entirely. And really, needing to address your incontinence issues isn't exactly confessing to something harmful or illegal - it's a natural part of life that almost everyone has to go through personally, or help someone close to them deal with.

So while it might not be considered the most tactful or delicate, simply blurting it out might actually be the best option in these types of situations - just say "I need to use Depend®" or "we need to look into incontinence solutions" and get it out there and perhaps more importantly, get the tough conversation over with.

It's Really Not A Big Deal 

A little levity never hurt anyone! And really, the vast majority of things we dread talking about aren't actually that big of a deal, particularly if you have a sense about life's little messes and awkward moments. 

So perhaps you can take the perspective that needing incontinence products is about on the same level as needing toilet paper or menstrual supplies - maybe not the most fun things to purchase or talk about, but something that most of us need to purchase at some point. If you need to buy Depend® for yourself or a family member, that's just another thing to add to the weekly shopping list. 

Shopping Online Might Actually Be The Solution

"Click to buy" is perhaps the easiest and most obvious solution to this problem. But even with the intellectual understanding that it's nothing to be ashamed of might not help mitigate the embarrassment of purchasing incontinence products - which is where the ability to order Depend® products online might actually be the best solution.

Whether you need the products yourself or are buying them for a loved one, you can order them via Amazon and other online retailers and have them arrive in an unlabeled box, and you can even set them up to be re-ordered on a regular schedule, so you don't even need to remember to stock up!

Plus there's there's no shame in requesting samples either. For example, Depend® lets you or your family member try out sample packs before you even commit to a purchase (just check it out at ), so what's the harm in requesting them and having the products on hand for exactly this type of discussion? 

But What If You're The One Wearing Them? 

Blunter folks might just come right out and say it - but then again, they probably don't need this article. If you need Depend® undergarments and it's relevant to your family (this might be important if they live with you and/or help with the shopping), there's always the option of bringing your doctor into the conversation, sending them a text or email if it's awkward to sit down and say it, or simply just buying the products and leaving them out somewhere visible. 

Needing and wearing Depend® doesn't have to be this big awkward thing - it's just a part of life for a surprisingly large number of people. So don't let talking about it with your friends and family get in the way of living your best life. 

For more information on samples, ordering Depend® products, and finding the types of undergarments that work best for you or your loved ones, visit . 


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