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We're gearing up for the return of fall TV and some of our favorite shows, which means re-watching the best scenes and cliffhangers that made us fall in love with these shows in the first place. To prep you for the big releases, check out the most GIF-worthy moments from the hottest shows coming back this fall!



Ok, Scandal has a ton of dysfunctional relationships, but one of the worst has to be the thing between Olivia Pope and President Fitz. So naturally we love it every time Olivia Pope lays it out for him. 



To be completely honest, the main reason we watch Supernatural is because of the insanely gorgeous Jensen Ackles aka Dean. There are countless pouts and brooding stares that keep us coming back for more. 

Vampire Diaries


Now that Elena is leaving Vampire Diaries (at least temporarily), we don't know what'll happen to Elena and Damon's relationship. People are speculating if Damon and Bonnie (Bamon) might become a thing, but we'll always love Delena and we know they belong together! 



Cookie has to be one of our favorite characters on Empire with her sassy one-liners and attitude. Case in point: Her confrontations with Anika. We're excited to see all the drama that's in store for this season! 

Modern Family 

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The feisty and outspoken Gloria Pritchett has to be one of our favorite characters from Modern Family. She has too many GIF-worthy moments  to include, but we're sure we'll be seeing many more hilarious antics and quotes this upcoming season! 

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