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International Day Of The Girl

The United Nations International Day of the Girl is October 11th. Created in 2011, this holiday is designed to recognize and honor the unique challenges of the 1.1 billion girls in the world. What’s more, every year has a different theme or focus, and this year the theme is Empowering Girls.

This October 11th, as part of our 100% youth-led movement for gender justice and youth rights, girls will be organizing town hall-style events in their local communities around the country to tell their elected officials about the issues impacting them. No matter what the issue is, the International Day Of The Girl events are by girls for girls on a local level - and they serve as a chance for girls to voice their concerns to lawmakers.

Celebrating International Day Of The Girl

If you have a daughter, a goddaughter, a niece, or any young girl in your life, take a moment to talk about the goals of the Day Of The Girl movement, how she can participate, and what it means for all girls. You can Tweet and Instagram your Day of The Girl moments using #IDG2018. So stand up and be counted! After all, girls make up more than half of the global population. Their contributions to our collective culture and the global economy needs to be recognized, respected, and honored. All of that starts at home by celebrating the International Day Of The Girl and sharing the that positive message with your daughters, nieces, cousins, and friends.

Learn more and participate in the international celebration at Day Of The Girl’s . 


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