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The 2016 election has drawn a lot of comparisons to past elections and historical events, but one of the most poignant examples of this is a 1964 LBJ campaign ad called "Confessions of a Republican." The four-minute television ad (four minutes, can you imagine?!?!) was posted to YouTube by the LBJ Library in 2014, but it's been making the rounds on the Internet due to its eerie similarity to this year's election and the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump.

In the video, a self-described Republican expresses his disdain for his party's candidate, Senator Barry Goldwater. You're likely to believe that this ad could have been produced today, if not for the grainy video and the fact that the man lights up a cigarette halfway through. The man is an actor, but his resolve to vote against his own party and support Lyndon Johnson hits a nerve. LBJ's campaign ads struck a chord with voters, as LBJ won in the biggest presidential landslide since 1820. Check out the famous "Daisy" ad:

The man in the "Confessions" ad says that a friend of his told him, "Just because a man sounds a little irresponsible during a campaign doesn't mean he's going to act irresponsibly" and that Goldwater would go back on statements he previously made. Many Republicans may be facing a similar dilemma when it comes to Donald Trump.

"We're up against a very different kind of a man. This man scares me," says the man in the ad. "I mean, when the head of the Ku Klux Klan, when all these weird groups, come out in favor of the candidate of my party...either they're not Republicans or I'm not."

Check out the whole video:

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It's hard to make change happen without ruffling a few feathers. We have put together a list of women who were not afraid to stand up for what they believe, and who in the process made a real difference in American politics and activism.

Gloria Steinem

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A leader in the pivotal feminist movement of the late 1960s, Gloria Steinem is well-known as an advocate and political activist. As a journalist, she worked to bring women's liberation to mainstream American culture. 

In 2005, along with Jane Fonda and Robin Morgan, Steinem founded the Women's Media Center, an organization dedicated to making "women visible and powerful in the media." She continues to travel the world giving lectures on issues of justice and equality.

Angela Davis

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The 1960s gave rise to another female activist, Angela Davis. Davis was the controversial leader of the Communist Party USA. Her work focused on bringing down the prison-industrial complex by founding an organization called Critical Resistance.

Davis was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder when guns she had purchased were used in a courtroom takeover where a judge was killed. President Nixon called Davis a 'dangerous terrorist' when she was captured, but she was soon released after a nationwide movement demanded her freedom. 

Joan Baez

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One of the most iconic American folk singers of all time, Joan Baez found fame with her protest songs about social justice, releasing more than 30 albums throughout the course of her career. 

As a friend of Martin Luther King Jr., Baez participated in a number of civil rights demonstrations throughout the 1960s. Her version of We Shall Overcome became a staple in political demonstrations. Baez herself became a symbol of non-violence and peaceful protest during the a very turbulent time. 

Nina Simone

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Nina Simone started her singing career as a student of mostly classical music, but she eventually added jazz, blues, and R&B to her sound. By the time the 1960s rolled around, she used her fame to address racial inequality. Her song 'Mississippi Goddam,' which addressed the murder of black children living in the south, was banned in some southern states.

After that, civil rights became a part of both her songs and live performances. Beyond just singing and playing the piano, Simone also spoke at a number of rallies and even advocated violent revolution during the period.

Dolores Huerta

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As an outspoken advocate for both immigrant and women's rights, Dolores Huerta has dedicated her career to fighting against inequality. She has been arrested 22 times for her non-violent civil disobedience rallies. 

Huerta stood beside Robert F. Kennedy when he was assassinated in 1968 and was beaten by San Francisco police officers during a legal protest in 1988. She has continuously and non-violently put herself in harm's way to improve the lives of others and continues to advocate through the Dolores Huerta Foundation. 

Even today, she continues to travel giving lectures on issues of justice and equality.

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While the United States has yet to elect a female President, world history is full of powerful female leaders.

From Europe to Asia to the Middle East, there are a plenty of women who have beaten the odds and climbed to the highest office in their respective lands.  

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The GOP is having a pretty stressful year. After struggling to name a successor for Speaker of the House John Boehner, establishment Republicans can only watch as Donald Trump continues to dominate the polls and headlines. 

It looks like Trump has a very good chance at securing the Republican nomination, so now the GOP is bracing itself for the scenario. , penned by NRSC Executive Director Ward Baker, suggests members of the Republican Party adopt some of Trump's techniques that have resonated with conservative voters. 

"The place is Cleveland, Ohio. The date is July 21, 2016 and Donald Trump has just accepted the nomination of the Republican Party to be its nominee for President of the United States." -Ward Baker

Baker claims that "Trump has risen because voters see him as authentic, independent, direct, and firm." Other tips suggest mimicking Trump's clothing style and use of Twitter. 

The memo begins with imagining Trump being sworn in as the Republican nominee and urges party members to support Trump if he does end up getting the most votes. The memo states that Republicans must understand the changing political climate and react to it appropriately. 

Baker also warns against mimicking everything about Trump's candidacy, saying that statements disparaging women shouldn't be emulated. For a full look at the confidential memo, !