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When starting an herb garden, there are many questions to ask if you want your tiny plants to grow properly. What's the difference between growing an herb garden at home or purchasing fresh herbs at the store? What kind of tips do I need to start my own garden? How fast or how slow do these herbs grow? The tips below should shed some light on to get your own herb garden rolling!

Getting Started


  • Assess the level of sunlight in your yard before planting. Some herbs like lavender need full sunlight to grow while others like parsley need shade.
  • Watching seedlings sprout might be fun, but let a professional get your plants started. They will be more durable throughout planting season and more likely to yield herbs.
  • If you're totally new to this, start with basil. It's easy to grow and only needs to be trimmed from the top.
  • Give each plant enough space to grow. Don't plant them too tight together, otherwise roots will combine and plants will die.



  • Water often, but not too much. To check the level of water in your plants, poke your finger one inch below the soil and if it's dry, it's time to water.
  • Make sure that your herb pots are designed with a drainage system. The most important way to to do this is make sure your pots have holes in the bottom.
  • Keep your dirt healthy by adding extra nutrients from coffee, egg shells or seaweed. This will allow your herbs to grow faster with extra nutrients.



  • Be prepared for pests by sprinkling black pepper around your pots or garden. The pepper will ward them off and prevent pesky critters from eating your bounty.
  • Give sick plants a chance to get better. Before you cut them down or pluck them out of your garden, assess what might be wrong with your plants. Too much water? Not enough? Maybe your soil is sick?
  • Label your herbs so you don't forget what you planted.

The best part about herbs is throwing them in your favorite dish when they are done growing. Herbs like basil, rosemary, mint and cilantro will taste great!

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