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When the humans are celebrating, your cat or dog no doubt wants to join in - and they should! After all, they are a beloved member of your family and therefore they can and should be an important part of your holiday celebrations.

Family Picture Time.

One way that your pet can participate in the festivities is by being in the family pics! After all, they are an important member of your crew - so they definitely shouldn't be left out of the family portrait. And of course, your precious cat or dog is probably pretty photogenic as well, so they might add a little star quality to your pics.

Consider Their Wardrobe.

Pretty much nothing is cuter than an animal all dressed up in their holiday best, so why not buy your pet a new, festive ensemble for the occasion? Even if they are not fans of clothes (and we know that dressing up a cat might be something that's easier said than done!), a new collar or even just a bow might be the perfect holiday accessory.

Give Them Something To Unwrap.

Pets should get presents too! Whether yours has his or her own stocking full of treats or you wrap up something for them to discover under the tree, have your pet become part of Christmas morning or other gifting festivities. A new, fresh rawhide bone, a catnip toy, a new collar and leash, or something else fun lets your dog or cat experience all the holiday excitement. 

Set A Place For Them At The Dinner Table.

When the human side of the family might be enjoying an amazing dinner, the pets shouldn't be left out! While they shouldn't get too stuffed - extra holiday calories certainly aren't good for them either, and you wouldn't want to disrupt their healthy diet - getting them a new fancy dish for the occasion and setting them a place of honor near the foot of the table might be in order.

Keep Them Safe.

With all the food, decorations, and gifts (and their wrapping and packaging) laying around, you want to make sure your pets don't accidentally get into something they shouldn't. Watch your cat or dog, of course, but make sure that all food is out of reach and there are no dangerous plants like mistletoe and poinsettias in your house. Also keep in mind that a houseful of guests might make them nervous, so be sure they have somewhere quiet and safe to hide if necessary - the holidays should be fun and rela for pets too.

Having your cat or dog participate might be the most memorable part of your holiday celebration this year! 


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